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operating rules

Operating rules
Owner and operator: Město Hronov
Camp leader: Roman Toušek
Running time: 1st May till 31st August
Running time of reception: NONSTOP
Housed visitors

1. Before accommodation in car-camp should the visitor come in to the reception, put before the identity card or another proof of identity (passport). Visitor who is enrolled into a book of visitors and is housed in camp with the other persons is responsible for eventual damages caused by his roommates.
2. Price for accommodation should have been paid before coming or in the day of coming into camp.
3. Cabin, place for tent, caravan and parking of car assigns the receptionist.
4. In case that the visitor uses in the areal of camp his own accommodation unit is he obligated to enter for an accommodation all of users of his unit.
5. If the guest of camp is housed in a tent or a caravan gets he by entering a card for its signification. This card should be visibly located. By departure is the quest obligated to get back every issued card.
6. If the quest arrives with his own motor-powered vehicle gets he a parking-card which has to be located visible inside a vehicle.
7. In a car-camp there is allowed to be housed only people who aren´t diseased with infection.
8. Staying overnight for persons who are not signed on in a camp is forbidden.
9. By entering housed guests is receptionist entitled to verify the identity.
10. Guests who apply for extension their staying don´t have any right (because of operation reason) to be housed in the same facility.
11. Cottage is intended for accommodation of 4 persons or 2 adults and 3 children. Guests have to hand the cottage after last night until 9:00 a.m. There is a possibility to have a spare bed.
12. Departure from a camp before 6:00 a.m. has to be reported beforehand. Departure should be silent without useless noise.
13. By sharp infraction of order in a camp is a receptionist entitled to exclude a person from a camp.
14. Before departure visitor restores the facilities.


1. Silent hours are following:
Monday - Sunday from 10 p.m. till 6 a.m.
2. During a day there is forbidden to trouble other visitors by shouting, noisy singing and similar noisy shows.
3. Driving a motor-powered vehicles and cycling is allowed only for entering and departure from a car-camp.


1. In cottages there is forbidden smoking and fire disposal.
2. All of visitors of camp are obliged to spare its facilities and surroundings. Especially it is forbidden to pull flowers, injure bushes, etc.
3. Visitor who damages facilities of a camp is obliged to report it to the receptionist and to compensate it.
4. It is forbidden to place tent or caravan out of reserved place. It is also forbidden to make completion of ground around a tent. After leaving the place has to be cleaned and restored.
5. It is allowed to make fire in camp only in dedicated places.
6. It is allowed to wash up only in dedicated places.
7. Rubbish has to be placed in intended containers.
8. Electrical case are intended only for small electric appliance (like radio, TV, fridge). It is forbidden to make any operation inside of these switch-boards. Relevant damages incurred by infraction of this ban pays user of this switch-board.
9. Visitors of camp have the possibility to keep their bicycles by receptionist in the reception.
10. During a staying in camp are all visitors obliged to keep operating rules and keep instruction of the receptionist and other responsible official.
11. Complaints and suggestions for improving accepts the receptionist.


Money refund by early finishing of recreation:
1. Natural disaster declared by state or municipality - visitor obtains the rest of payment for accommodation.
2. By cancellation of staying from the side of visitor are payments not paid back.


Entry into camp with dogs and other animal is allowed only under these conditions:
1. Dogs and other animals have to be under oversight of owner during the whole time of staying.
2. Dogs cannot free run round inside of camp, they have to be in clue, event. with muzzle.
3. The dog has to be signed.
4. It is forbidden to walk the dog inside of camp.
5. It is forbidden to bathe dogs in swimming pool.
6. Owner of the dog is obliged to clean dog´s excrements.

Administration of camp is not responsible for injuring of persons, eventually damaging of property of guests if he doesn´t cause it demonstrably. He is also not responsible for loss of things if they weren´t consigned to him.


Guests which are not accommodated have in addition following obligations:
1 Visitors who are not accommodated can entry into camp by main gate or small gate from a dam.
2. These visitors are obliged to leave areal of camp in this time: from Monday and Sunday until 10 p.m.

3. Closing-time of kiosk is from Monday to Thursday on 10 p.m.


In Hronov on 1st April 2009
Roman Toušek - Camp leader

operating rules







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